Registration Where-To-Buy

STEP 1: Read the general information

Your company mentioned in 'Where-To-Buy'.
Each product (brand + type) mentioned on is linked to our module 'Where-To-Buy' (WTB). By clicking the WTB icon each visitor can see where the product can be purchased and make his choice for 'Where-To-Buy'.
If a visitor has registered at he will automatically be routed to the resellers in his area. If the visitor has not filled in the registration form he has to use a pull-down menu, based on a list of countries, to find the resellers in his country.
A reseller who wants to be a WTB advertiser will be linked to a combination of product group and brand.
Sometimes we have divided equal products in two or more groups to prevent that resellers will be asked for products that are not available in his area.
Example: For cellular phones there is a category for USA and GSM because these are two different systems. Customers should not ask USA resellers for typical GSM 900/1800 products.
For each combination of product category and brand the reseller pays a small amount a day. Starting price is only USD 0,01 (1 dollar cent) A DAY for a combination of category and brand. A combination of 27 advertising combinations makes only USD 100 for a full year.
Example: If Nokia has 50 products in the category 'GSM' you will be mentioned at all items for only USD 0,01 a day.
If you are a reseller for telecom materials and you choose the following combinations:
GSM AccessoriesEricsson
Fax MachinesPanasonic
Answering MachinesPanasonic
In this case you have a total of 12 combinations. This will cost you USD 0,12 a day !
You will be mentioned as a reseller at all products in these combinations of categories and brands. If we add new products in these combinations it will still be the same amount of money. So for this little amount it is possible you will be mentioned as a reseller at hundreds of products.
To become a WTB-advertiser you have to fill in a form. If the form is filled in completely you will see what the total cost a day will be. Do not worry about the form you can always stop the procedure as long as you have not made a final payment.
Before making the payment or after you made the payment you can change your profile any time you like. The systems works 100% automatically !
As a WTB-advertiser you can chose your own personal 'WTB Profile Password' to change everything at any time you want.
Changes made will be activated immediately in the system after submitting!

STEP 2: Fill in the WTB Registration form

The form to participate in WTB contains of 3 parts which have to be filled in:
1.Company details from advertiser.
This is the information that will be shown to the visitors.
If you have your own URL, visitors will be able to visit your company website directly.
2.Company details from advertiser for the administration of
After submitting the entered data, the system will send you an email to confirm login and password. Also mentioned in this email is the link to the website where you can change your profile. (WTB Email 1)
3.The combination of categories and brands under which you choose to be mentioned as a reseller.
Do not forget: you can always change your profile !

STEP 3: Choose the amount of money to pay

After completing the WTB Registration Form you submit the settings.
For payment you can choose between an amount of USD 50 or USD 100.
At this moment we offer a 10% bonus if you take the USD 100. So you will get credits for a value of USD 110 instead of credits for USD 100.
Example: Pay USD 100. If you choose 10 combinations of category/brand you will be displayed at the products of this combination for 11000:10 = 1100 days !

STEP 4: Check your Email (E-mail 2)

Now it is time to check your E-mail. You will find a second E-mail from This E-mail confirms ALL the entered data.
Check all the data carefully and if you want to change it, you always can.
In this E-mail you will also find a link to the payment-file, see step 5.

STEP 5: Arrange your payment on-line by credit card (Secured connection)

In the E-mail 2 you will find a link to the payment-file. Download this file to make your payment.
If you haven't installed the Pay2See software before, this will automatically be downloaded and installed. After installing the Pay2See software, you will have to enter your address and credit card information. This information will be saved locally on your computer, and secured by another password. You may choose this password by yourself.
After this step, you will receive an Email from Perimele (Pay2See), to unlock your Pay2See-software. Please fill in this code, and the Pay2See software will be unlocked. This will enable you to make payment for Where-to-Buy advertising by credit card.
Follow the instructions until you get the confirmation that Pay2See has accepted your payment.
The payment file will be opened, and the "Where-To-Buy" Unlocking code will be displayed in Notepad.

Note: The processing of your payment will be done by a secured link !

STEP 6: Unlocking your Where-to-Buy profile

You have made your payment, so now it is time to make sure you are mentioned at all categories/products you paid for.
Go to the section of where you can change your WTB-profile. Here you can activate your unlocking code.
Select in the menu the option 'Code activation'.
The unlocking code is very long to prevent fraud. It is possible to make a print of the file and fill in the code by typing the complete code in the field 'code activation'.
But, it is much easier to use the 'copy' and 'paste' function of Windows.
To use this function, double-click on the activation-code, the complete code will be selected. Go in your menu to 'Edit' and select 'Copy'.
Switch to your browser, and select the 'Code'-field. Click in the menu on "Edit", and select 'Paste'. The complete code will be pasted in this field.
Now 'submit' and congratulations ! From now on you are displayed as a reseller on !
And don't forget, you can always change your profile, any time you want and it will be changed automatically and immediate now !
In case you have spent all your credits you automatically will be informed and you will be asked to make a new payment.
To add credits you can also go to the page for changing your profile and select the "Financial status" section. From this point it is possible to add credits at any time.

If you want to participate in the WTB facilities please fill in this form.

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