Privacy Statement

Your privacy is important for us. That is why we made us some rules.
Requested information:
Under 'registration' visitors can give us a profile of their interests and some personal data. This data is used to adjust the information on this site to your personal interests. will not ask for information that is not relevant to operate this internet site. Some information might be needed for modules which are not active yet.
No information provided:
Most areas of this site can be visited without giving any personal information to us.
Third parties:
Your personal information will not be sold to third parties.
If you provide us with information in the 'registration' section you will be able to change this information at all times by using your personal login name and password.
If you register a cookie will be placed on the hard disk of your computer. Cookies do not identify the user but only the computer used. At certain parts of this website you will be guided through the system based on your geographic location. For example: if you search for information in the 'where-to-buy" section you will be routed to resellers in your area ONLY IF you have filled in the registration form and a cookie has been placed on your computer. If you did not register you will have to go to this information manually.
Security: protects the security of your personal information. All communications in which credit card information is required will be done by secured transmissions.
If for some reason you believe has not been operating according to the above mentioned principles, please contact us by email at Be certain to mention "Privacy Statement" in the subject line.

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