FAQ's about ServiceDocs.Com

1. What is Servicedocs.com ?
2. How do I have to pay if I want to see information which is not free of charge ?
3. How can I advertise on Servicedocs.com ?
4. I have information which can be published on Servicedocs.com, how can I get this in your database ?
5. Is it legal to do all the modifications which you mention on your site ?
6. How are the files stored at Servicedocs.com ?
7. Are files checked for viruses ?
8. How do I get Adobe Acrobat Reader ?
9. How do I get the Pay2See plug-in ?
10. Can I give reactions on your articles ?
11. What possibilities do you have to advertise ?

1. Servicedocs.com is a site where you can find information on electronic equipment like CB-27MHz, Scanners, Receivers, HAM equipment, Tranceivers, Cellular Phones, Accessories for radio communications equipment, computer motherboards etc etc etc. Most of the information is free of charge, but some information has to be paid for.
2. Payment for information is done by Pay2See. You download a file and before you can open the file you have to give your creditcard information to Pay2See. After accepting the payment they will give you a code to open the file.
3. For information regarding advertising on this site please go to the link "Advertising".
4. For information regarding "your info on Servicedocs.com go to the link "Your info on SD.com".
5. Most of the times it is not legal to modify equipment which has been approved by a national authority. Please contact your local/national authorities if you want to know the legal status of a published modification. Servicedocs.com is only a provider from information and we do not recommend to do anything not-legal in your country.
6. The files are stored in different ways. Files which are free of charge, are PDF-files. You can open them using Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is a free program which is often already installed on your computer, or can be downloaded free.
Some other files are stored as P2S-file. These are the files you need to pay before you can open them. To use this kind of file, you need to have the Pay2See-plug installed on your computer.
7. The files are checked at the office of Servicedocs.Com with a recent virus-scanner.
Although we scan them, we can't garantee that our files are virus-free.
8. To see most of the documentation you can download from Servicedocs.com, you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download it from the Adobe site, or click on the Adobe-button on the right of this text.
9. Only if you're using an browser other then Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x, you'll need to install then Pay2See plug-in. It can be downloaded from the Pelimere-site, or click on the button on the right of this text.
More information can be found at the Pay2See-site.
10. It is possible to give your reaction on some articles on our database. Thanks to this possibility, you can share your own ideas with the other Servicedocs.Com users.
But, there are some limits to the use of these reactions: they need to be in 'acceptable' English, and your name and country will be published.
Also, we have the right to refuse publishing your reaction, or to delete or edit without any notice at any time.
11. Off course it is possible for you to advertise on our site.
If you've a shop or repair-shop, you could for example you the Where-to-Buy section of our site. Please click here to get more information.
If you're interested in banners, or other ways to promote your company, please contact Servicedocs.com by e-mail.

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